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Local milk farmers in Dnipropetrovsk region are getting higher income with cooperative established due to EU grant


On 24th January, the EU-funded project on developing dairy farming presented its results in Pyatykhatky (Dnipropetrovsk oblast). During 2014-2016, the project established the cooperative “Pyatykhatky euromoloko” and purchased all the necessary equipment for its functioning, namely: 4 milk tankers, 2 milk cooling tanks with a capacity of 3,700 litres, laboratory and other equipment, including for milk inspection. The cooperative “Pyatykhatky euromoloko” created 14 workplaces.

Thanks to the cooperative, local owners of cows in Pyatykhatskiy district increased their incomes, as the milk purchasing price increased from 5,20 UAH to 8,00 UAH per litre due to improved quality of milk.

The EU-funded project "Insufficient development of dairy farming and low efficiency of agricultural markets” (Dnipropetrovsk region) held a series of awareness raising activities to organise the cooperative, including 25 meetings of  villagers, 5 training sessions, 1 round table and 2 press conferences.

During the final press-conference Raisa Galagan, head of Pyatykhatky District Council expressed her gratitude to the European Union and Dnipropetrovsk Regional Council for co-financing Pyatykhatky District Council’s project. "Nowadays, our citizens have an opportunity to sell milk at fair price, which increases the living standards of the owners of cows. This project became the impetus for development of livestock sector in the district," - she said.

Bernard Wendel, expert on financing and implementation of the EU-funded project “Support to Ukraine’s Regional Development Policy” underlined: “The main success of the project is increased awareness of the local community about necessity to create a cooperative to improve efficiency and profitability of their businesses. It is a good example of a project financed by the EU as a starting point for real regional economic development.”

The Cooperative "Pyatykhatky euromoloko" will not only work on milk production, but it also plans to produce its own dairy products. The local farmers plan to increase cow population and promote self-employment in Pyatykhatsky district.

For more information about the project, please contact: Olena Ivashina, project coordinator, +38067-420-85-11.

Background Information:

The EU-funded project «Development of dairy farming and low efficiency of agricultural markets» was launched August 1, 2014. The project was implemented during 30 months with total budget of €199k within the EU programme «Support to Ukraine’s Regional Development Policy». The Project was won and implemented by Pyatykhatky District Council (Dnipropetrovsk Oblast).

The objective of the project is to set up the efficient market of agricultural products (milk) in Pyatykhatky district. More information: