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REGIONET is a national network of experts and practitioners for regional and local development.

To participate in the selection, fill in the application form and send it to the REGIONET’s Secretariat at  

It is necessary to complete, sign and send to the same address or via fax (+38 (044) 278 50 83) the Consent for the collection and processing of personal data.

REGIONET Concept, REGIONET Regulations, Regulations on the selection and basic training of candidates for participation in REGIONET, blank forms of the Application and Consent, and sample of completed application may be found in the attached files:

  1. Regulations on the network of experts and practitioners on local and regional development "REGIONET" (available only in Ukrainian)
  2. The concept of all-Ukrainian network of experts and practitioners on regional and local development "REGIONET" (available only in Ukrainian)
  3. Regulations on the selection and basic training of candidates for participation in REGIONET (available only in Ukrainian)
  4. Application form for participation in the All-Ukrainian Network of experts and practitioners on regional and local development REGIONET and sample of completed application form (available only in Ukrainian)
  5. Consent for collection and processing of personal data (available only in Ukrainian)

As the process of regional and local reform is underway in Ukraine, attempts to mobilize and strengthen human and institutional potential in this field become crucial today. First of all, it is essential to find, unite and support specialists who are the authors of certain ideas and practices, people who have knowledge and experience. The nationwide network of experts and practitioners on regional and local development "REGIONET" is being launched for solving this important problem in Ukraine.

The purpose of REGIONET is to unite and provide for professional development of experts from all regions of Ukraine, their involvement in the formulation and implementation of policies and make it possible for all subjects of territorial development (government, business, civil society) to obtain "first-hand" products and services based on best practices for regional and local development in Ukraine.

The REGIONET is being created within the terms of reference of the EU Project "Support to Ukraine’s Regional Development Policy", approved by the agreement between Ukraine and the European Commission. The President of Ukraine in his speech at the Council of Regions has recently stressed the importance of formation of the expert’s network for regional development.

The REGIONET is being formed within the framework of institutional partnership with the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, Ukrainian Association of District and Regional Councils, Association of Ukrainian Cities, Ukrainian Association of Village and Town Councils, Association of Regional Development Agencies of Ukraine, National Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine. International donors, civil society institutions, private sector companies also express interest in the partnership.

REGIONET is being created as an informal non-leader professional network.

REGIONET is not going to be an institution (organization), and will function as a social community. The network will not have the governing body. All REGIONET’s participants will have equal rights and responsibilities, equal access to all service capabilities, equal opportunities to benefit from the membership in RegioNet. The network will not be politically committed.

The major part of REGIONET’s activities will be carried out through the internet portal containing all the information about the network and its members. Portal will serve as the main platform for professional discussion, distance learning, exchange of experience, common projects, etc. In addition, periodic meetings of RegioNet’s members – annual forums, educational and practical events – will be held.

Around 500 experts and practitioners from all regions of Ukraine will become members of REGIONET network in the next three years.

The network has to cover all audiences in sectors that have a direct impact on regional and local development. The candidate’s position is not important; he/she can be an expert, public servant, academic, etc.

REGIONET’s members will be determined through a professional screening, and the main criteria will be products or services, which (as the author of the idea or as a carrier of knowledge and experience) he/she has and ready to share with the others.
REGIONET’s concept is focused on active and initiative people who are capable of independent practical action. The network will only create the environment for members to communicate, combine efforts where necessary, assert and prove themselves..
Each member of the Network will be able to get tangible benefits from participation in REGIONET, including the ability to grow professionally, have access to advanced knowledge base and best practices, adopt experience from colleagues and join efforts to solve complex problems, influence policy and promote their products / services.

There are successful examples of the formation of such networks in other countries. Thus, the network of professionals whose aim was to prepare the country for practical integration was established in Poland in the 90s. Recently (from 2009 onwards) the idea of professional networks in regional development "Regnet" has been implemented in Georgia.

REGIONET will become an integral part of institutional capacity of regional and local development. The network will serve as an "exchange" of products and services of its members, ensure their effective promotion, form the standards for products and services in the selected field. REGIONET will interact with other networks and associations: e-learning platforms, experts, communities of practitioners.
By bringing people together through cooperation of experts, RegioNet will promote social cohesion in the country.

Successful implementation of the REGIONET idea will largely depend on providing information on its nature and objectives to all potential members. In addition, REGIONET will unite professionals who deserve public recognition and become the best practices workshop worth promoting. In this regard, cooperation with the media is and will remain a priority at both the construction phase and in the process of REGIONET operation.

For more detailed information on the REGIONET network, please, visit REGIONET web portal

For further information, please contact Ihor Abramyuk

+38 050 374 95 25, @

You can also watch the video of the press conference, where RegioNet was presented.

Press conference in Lviv Press Club (full video)

Press conference in Kyiv National News agency "Ukrinform" (full video)

Press conference in Kharkiv Regional Council (video by local company "Kharkiv News")

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