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SURDP Grants Facility

The Support to Ukraine’s Regional Development Policy (SURDP) Grants Facility is one of two components of the EU-financed SURDP Programme aimed at supporting the Government of Ukraine in elaboration and realization of regional policy reforms. The Grant Facility is implemented by the EU Delegation to Ukraine. It provides a budget for the realization of specific projects by local and regional authorities focused on strategic priorities defined in their regional development strategies.

The first Call for Proposals was announced by the EU Delegation to Ukraine on 26 April 2013. The Call is targeted at regional authorities, to alleviate regional disparities through targeting the least developed regions of Ukraine, and local authorities, to promote sustainable rural development. Detailed information about the first Call for Proposals can be found on the relevant official page of the European Commission. 

SURDP Project's Support to Grants Facility

The SURDP Project assists the EU Delegation to Ukraine in ensuring wide promotion of the Call for Proposals and supporting potential applicants in preparation of Concept Notes and Full Application Forms. The SURDP Project provides expertise and support services to foster high quality of project preparation and implementation by regional and local authorities of Ukraine.

At this stage, the SURDP Project provides the following support to applicants:

  • Information events

Information events are organized to promote the SURDP Grants Facility and to raise awareness of potential applicants about the announced Calls for Proposals and their requirements, as well as to provide initial basic information on project approach, methodology, and best practices.

During the first Call for Proposals, such events for all potential applicants were delivered in eight locations throughout Ukraine in May-June 2013. They were attended by over 1,250 participants who showed a great interest to the Call.

  • Practical trainings

To raise the level of knowledge and project preparation, and increase the level of understanding the rules of the Call for Proposals, practical trainings are delivered by the SURDP Project to potential applicants at different stages of the application process.
The practical training on Concept Note preparation within the first Call for Proposals was delivered in June 2013 in Kyiv for 118 participants. The training was offered to all potential applicants upon preliminary registration.

In early September 2013, the EU Delegation preselected Concept Notes and invited preselected applicants to submit Full Application Forms. These applicants were invited by the SURDP Project for another practical training tailored specifically for preselected applicants and giving them an opportunity to gain further knowledge on completing the Full Application Form and to work on their project proposals. The training particularly focused on logical framework approach and budget preparation.

The practical trainings on Full Application Forms within the first Call were delivered in September 2013 in Kyiv for 90 participants. Presentations from practical trainings of the first Calls for Proposals are available here.

  • Helpdesk 

Potential applicants and preselected applicants have an opportunity to clarify specific issues and ask questions through the Helpdesk, which opens after practical trainings and remains available until the deadline for submission of Concept Notes or Full Application Forms respectively. Helpdesk support is provided by phone +380 44 279 25 59 and email from 9:30 to 12:30 on every working day.

  • One-on-one consultations

Individual consultations are provided to applicants upon request and preliminary registration either in the office of the SURDP Project in Kyiv or through Skype within the available time limits. One-on-one consultations start after practical trainings for applicants and last until the deadline for submission of Concept Notes or Full Application Forms respectively. The consultations give an opportunity for applicants to discuss and receive expert feedback on their specific application.

  • Manuals and instructions

In order to support applicants at different stage of the application process, the SURDP Project developed a number of methodological materials tailored specifically for the requirements of the Call for Proposals. Manuals on developing Concept Notes and Full Application Forms, and instructions on how to fill them can be found here.

In addition, based on questions received during information sessions, lists of frequently asked questions are elaborated for Concept Note and Full Application Form stages. For the first Call for Proposals, FAQ are available at the EuropeAid website

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