Support to Ukraine's Regional Development Policy

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Analytical Report


Status and prospects for change in the context of global challenges and European standards policy


This report was prepared as a part of the EU technical assistance project "Support to Ukraine’s Regional Development Policy".

The report is an important basic analytical document, which aims to present comprehensive information on the characteristics of regional development and management system, experience of the formation and implementation of regional policy in Ukraine.

The information in this report is presented in the context of generally accepted rules and concepts of regional development and regional policy, European experience and global trends. However, first of all it is based on the realities of the development of Ukrainian regions and territories and especially on its governance model. It also takes into account the current state of the national economy and state budget, made in the context of adverse effects of the crisis developments from 2008 onwards, which require from SRP selectivity, setting clear, and fewer priorities to achieve the maximum effect from the limited financial resources and lack of institutional capacity.

During September-November the Project experts will discuss the report with representatives of key subjects of regional policy at both the national and regional levels to inform them about key findings and proposals of the EU project "Support to Ukraine’s Regional Development Policy" as to reform of the State regional policy.

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